Dr Bach’s Agrimony from Paris 1774

This fine coloured print by Nicolas François & Genevieve Regnault shows all the details of  L’Aigremoine: hairy stems, pinnate leaf and five-petalled flowers. They were not making an essence at that time, just observing all the details of the plants for the work La Botanique mise la portée de tout le Monde: ou collection des Plantes d’usage dans la Medecine, dans les Alimens et dans les Arts.

Brilliant Bach exhibition in Riga

On Tuesday this week we joined in the formal opening of a wonderful exhibition in Riga, Latvia at the Pharmacy Museum. This has been a major task for Laura Tidrike and her team and has been strongly supported by Inta Vegnere the director of the museum, seen here in the first slide. There was music, readings from Dr Bach and a very special cake for tea. Healing Herbs has been active in supporting the project and financial assistance was provided by The Twelve Healers Trust.

Santiago Conference November 22nd

Joined in the conference but never left home! All done by video-conferencing. Not quite the same as being there but I took part and now have the certificate to prove it – here being kindly received on my behalf. This kind of technology really does work wonders.

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