How do you choose a Bach Flower Remedy?

It depends if it is for me or for another person. If I am taking a remedy for myself it usually appears as an idea, almost spontaneously. It is like listening or watching what is happening. Other times I might feel I need a remedy and open the box and see which of them attracts my attention as being appropriate to how I feel. Of course it depends upon being aware of what I am feeling!

If I have a client then it is a little different but the process of watching and listening is the same. I wait for the person to tell me what they need rather than guess at it or impose my own ideas. I know the 38 remedies well enough to recognise them when the client describes their situation. It is important for me to know what each remedy state feels like. If I have experience of the emotional state then I can recognise it in others – I feel the way that they feel.

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